Heated debate over BSA in the parliament

    KABUL (SW) – Members of the Wolesi Jirga (lower house) on Wednesday engaged in heated debate over the Bilateral Security Agreement with the U.S.

    IEC vows to use biometric verification for polls

    KABUL (SW) – The forthcoming parliamentary elections would be held using biometric technology, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced on Wednesday.

    Over 500 NGOs dissolved

    KABUL (SW) – Officials informed on Wednesday more than five hundred non-government organizations were resolved last year for not presenting reports about their activities.

    ‘Calls for review of BSA against national interests’

    KABUL (SW) – Mohammad Sarwar Danish, second vice president, on Tuesday stressed calls for review of the Bilateral Security Agreement with the U.S. are not in the interest of the nation.

    Exports surge to $ 447 million in eight months

    KABUL (SW) – The rate of exports from Afghanistan increased by 38 percent in the first 8 months of the current year, officials announced in a press conference on Monday.


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      08 September 2018

      Repatriation of deportees surges from Iran

      HERAT CITY (SW) – Officials in Herat said on Saturday the economic constraints and other reasons are forcing thousands of Afghan refugees on daily basis to flee.…
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      05 September 2018

      Trusting human traffickers is risking life

      At the corner of a roadside market, Mujibur Rahman was busy cooking snacks for his customers when he got nervous watching me approach him with recorder for interview.…
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      23 August 2018

      A Kandahari man’s tragic tale of human trafficking

      KANDAHAR CITY (SW) – Young Siddiqullah, a victim of human trafficking, was raised by his poor farmer parents under tough circumstances in Kandahar province.…
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      03 August 2018

      Singers charged with promoting addiction, bacha bazi

      KHOST CITY (SW) – There is a growing trend of many local singers encouraging the youth towards drug addiction and ‘bacha bazi’ through their music.…